1. 6 India based Male Influencers You Must Follow On Instagram!

    › Every time you turn around, there is a swarm of fashion and beauty bloggers on Instagram. Lives of ladies are getting easier than ever! But, what about the men? Fabogo has the answer to the big problem. If you love to be the gentleman that is well groomed and ahead of the fashion trend, then a few Insta-feeds will give you the right direction.
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  2. Top 5 Cost Effective Salons in Mumbai

    › The city of Mumbai is known for many things. One among those many, is the title of ‘dream city’. And for a place that brings you closer to your ideal self everyday, having the perfect venues of spa and salon in your neighborhood is extremely essential these days.
    Shreeya Vinay
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  3. Top Plush 5 Salons In Pune For All Your Beauty Needs

    › The city best known for its nightlife has a population that needs high maintenance. Pune, don't you agree with us? With high demand for opulent services, Fabogo has curated a list of 5 top salons in Pune that takes care of your salon needs in a plush and comfy cocoon & ensures you every regular service with customizable expertise and genuine consultation.
    Abhilasha Dubey
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