1. These Beauty Bloggers will Give You Makeup Goals!

    › Blogging is the most aspirational future among millennials and ‘Beauty Bloggers’ are some of the most admired people in the territory. Looking fab and feeling glam is their forte, their work and their love. Isn’t that everything we ever wanted?
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  2. This 46th UAE National Day, these salons are offering services at FLAT 46!

    › UAE celebrates it’s National Day in honour and happiness of all seven emirates states coming together as one united entity in 1971. This year, 2017, marks the 46th anniversary of their National Day. A memory celebrated with great zeal, enthusiasm and rigour. On this day, only the best grace the streets. You know what that means! It is time to get your appointments in place.
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  3. 8 Celebrities That Look Totally Different in Beards!

    › It’s that time of the year when you’ll see all the men around you growing amazing beards! This No shave November lets take out some time and appreciate a few fascinating beards from the bling world. Don’t you find all your favourite celebs quite cute in clean shave look? But the moment they grow a beard, they surprising start looking smoking hot! Don’t believe us? You gotta check it for yourself!
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  4. This is Why I Chopped off my Long Locks after 25 years at Toni & Guy

    › This winter I decided to jump the trending bandwagon and go short, or as short as my heart would allow my hair to be. After having long locks for all my life, it was a hard decision. For me, everything had to be perfectly in place from an experienced hairdresser and stylist to a trusted salon. I finally found what I was looking for in Kalyani Nagar, Pune: Toni & Guy Essensuals
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  5. This is How the Powerful Men in The Entertainment Sector celebrated International Men’s Day

    › Every year sees a new chapter in the book of open-mindedness and modernization. So, this international Men’s day we took a leaf out of the current raging topic in the country: breaking stereotypes and asked some of the well renowned and well-respected men in the country of their thoughts on typecast phrases like ‘be a man’ and ‘men don’t cry’. Here are their thoughts on International Men’s Day.
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  6. This Nail Club in Mumbai is Bollywood’s Favorite Place for Manicures!

    › Tip and Toe The Nail Club is the go-to place for many Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai. Celebrities love the posh salon while the everyday folks in Mumbai love to flaunt the perfect nails from this nail club. The chic vibe and efficient team are sure to give you the experience to remember. And maybe catch Malaika Arora around, as she visits the nail club regularly FYI!
    Abhilasha Dubey
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