1. Akaru Spa by Soul Senses is relaunching in Dubai & we're blown by their Massive Giveaways!

    › Dubai is the city of luxury with heart warming salons to zen life spas for a lush lifestyle. And when it comes to luxury, Soul Senses has carved it’s niche for it’s magnificent spa destinations in the city. Soul Senses Spa has added one more golden feather to its hat by acquiring the existing spa venue, ‘Akaru’. Opulent and Indulgent, Akaru by Soul Senses is here to wow you with it’s extravagant services & magnum opus giveaways!
    Shreeya Vinay
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  2. Top 5 Famous Celebrity Hair Stylists in Mumbai

    › Do you remember looking at ‘hair credits’ on a celebrity Instagram Posts? Did you ever wonder what it takes to get your hair a magic touch from these ‘hair fairies’? Just like me, you must have wished to have Shilpa Shetty’s hairstylist or maybe Aishwarya’s hairdresser. Only if they could just give you a consultation, how awesome would that be? I would be officially blown away!
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  3. Saree Draping in 4 Indian Traditional Styles for Navratri 2017

    › What better occasion to flaunt the gorgeous drape wear than Navratri? Are you hassled with the long piece of cloth and questions like, ‘what goes where’? Well, no fuss, no hassle. Just relax and follow these saree draping videos, step by step. You’d be surprised at how easy it can be to adorn this Indian traditional wear.
    Shreeya Vinay
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  4. Bengali Hairstyle Ideas for Durga Puja

    › Durga Puja is coming! The festival full of vibrancy, colours, lights and prayers is here. It is high time that you cross the dress off of the checklist but what about the makeup and hair? Well, Bengali traditional makeup is the best for Durga Puja and while we are at it, here are a handful of inspiration for Bengali hairstyle.
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  5. Easy Makeup Tutorials for 9 Days of Navratri

    › Dandiya nights are right around the corner! The excitement is contagious and electric. While you are busy feeling the happy vibes, we will take care of your makeup looks for the upcoming dandiya and Garba event. From a popping blue eye makeup to naturals and nudes, we have explained it all.
    Abhilasha Dubey
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  6. 9 Hairstyle Ideas for 9 Days Of Navratri

    › Can you feel garba beats in the air? Because we’ve already started to get the vibes! Navratri & Dandiya celebrations being just round the corner, we don’t want you to worry about your hairstyles for 9 long days! And what is Dandiya, Garba or a Navratri Dress without the perfect Navratri hairstyle to go along with it. So here are a few inspirational tutorial to get you going:
    Shreeya Vinay
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  7. You won’t believe how much these beauty bloggers earn!

    › Digital Age is the name of today’s era and where we often talk about Social Influencers, especially Instagrammers & youtubers. So, today let us look into the life of some of the most popular beauty bloggers & vloggers like Zoe Sugg, MannyMUA, Wayne Goss, Huda Kattan, Jeffree Star, Michelle Phan and more. The breakdown of how much these beauty bloggers make will prompt you to reevaluate your life!
    Shreeya Vinay
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